Courses Offered
LL.B. Programme
(Three Years)
LL.M. Business Law Programme
(Two Years)
Ph.D. in Law

LL.B. Programme (Three Years)

LL.B. Semester - I :
CORE COURSE 101 Law of Tort including MV Accident And Consumer Protection Laws
CORE COURSE 102 Criminal Law Paper -I (General Principles of Penal Law)
CORE COURSE 103 Criminal Law Paper – II (Specific Offences)
CORE COURSE 104 Law of Contract
CORE COURSE 105 Special Contract
FOUNDATION 106 F Constitutional History of India
SOFT SKILL 107 K Use of Law Journals and Legal Software

LL.B. Semester - II :
CORE COURSE 108 Constitutional Law Paper – I
CORE COURSE 109 Constitutional Law Paper – II
CORE COURSE 110 Company Law
CORE COURSE 111 Environmental Law
CORE COURSE 112 Property Law
FOUNDATION 113 F Principles of Political Science & Theory
SOFT SKILL 114 K Use of Internet in Legal Education

LL.B. Semester - III :
CORE COURSE 201 Family Law - I
CORE COURSE 202 Labour & Industrial Law - I
CORE COURSE 203 Principles of Taxation Law
CORE COURSE 204 Administrative Law
CORE COURSE 205 Public International Law
FOUNDATION 206 F Principles of Equity
SOFT SKILL 207 K Legal Terms, Phrases & Maxims

LL.B. Semester - IV :
CORE COURSE 208 Legal Methods & Legal Theories
CORE COURSE 209 Family Law - II
CORE COURSE 210 Interpretation  of Statutes and Principles of Legislation
CORE COURSE 211 Labour & Industrial Law – II
ELECTIVE COURSE 212 E Human Right Law and Practice
FOUNDATION 213 F Principles of Banking Laws
SOFT SKILL 214 K  Legal Principles through Case Study

LL.B. Semester - V :
CORE COURSE 301   Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act
CORE COURSE 302 Criminal Procedure Code & Probation of Offenders' Act & Juvenile Justice (Care & Protection of Children) Act
CORE COURSE 303 Law of Evidence
ELECTIVE COURSE 304 E Public Interest Lawyering
ELECTIVE COURSE 305 E Intellectual Property Law
FOUNDATION 306 F Principles of Negotiable Instruments
SOFT SKILL 307 K Paper Writing and Presentation on Legal Issues

LL.B. Semester - VI :
CORE COURSE 308 Drafting of Pleading and Conveyancing
CORE COURSE 309 Professional Ethics & Professional Accounting System
CORE COURSE 310 Alternative Dispute Resolution
CORE COURSE 311 Moot Court Exercise and Internship
CORE COURSE 312 Legal Language/Legal Writing including General English
FOUNDATION 313 F Forensic Science & Crime Detection Methods
SOFT SKILL 314 K Legal Aid & Para-legal Services
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